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One of the Largest Firework Suppliers in the Pakistan - Open to the wider general public by Purchasing and Mail Order!  

Pakistan Super Fireworks  

We, introduce Pakistan Super Fireworks, as a leading firework service provider in the country serving entertainment for almost two years with innovative ideas and art work. The
Proprietor of the firm, Mr Javed Ali, has vat experience in his field of fireworks.

Firework is a very old profession started by the Muslims during 11th century when Muslims were pioneers in research and technology. Europe at that time was far behind in
scientific development. Muslim researcher and scientist had made a mixture of phosphorous and other chemicals used during wars with enemies. In beginning, the mixture
is used in wars however, by the passage of time, with modifications and development it is also used as sign of joy and amusement.







All Occasion Kits

Choose a fabulous kit, suitable for:

  • New Years Eve
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Chinese New Year
  • House Warmings
  • Barbecues etc.

The fireworks we sell are not only made well, but they are the most entertaining fireworks on the market, used in displays all around the world and in the Pakistan at such prestigious events as the Edinburgh Festival they will enthral and delight your festive celebrations.

Our fireworks are available all year round and not just for bonfire night, but increasingly used for occasions such as Birthdays, Opening and Closing events, Christmas, New Year

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